W VILLADORATA Country Restaurant

VIVA the Mediterranean
VIVA the emotion
VIVA the earth, the fire, the air and the water
VIVA the perfume of the lemon

This summer Viviana Varese chooses Sicily for her new project (restaurant). She travels South to the heart of the Mediterranean where the sun and nature are the main characters. She returns to her origins to connect again with her roots, more and more VIVA.
Among the hills of Val di Noto, halfway between the baroque town of Noto -with its many churches and aristocratic palaces- and the mesmerizing countryside, there is “Country House Villadorata”, a late 19th century farmstead turned into an organic farm. In 2016, it was transformed into an elegant summer residence by Cristina Summa rich of her first and successful experience with the renowned Seven Rooms Villadorata, within the very walls of Nicolaci Palace, a princely palace, for centuries property of the notorious Villadorata family.
Country House Villadorata is situated in a 25-hectare estate, an organic farm, among olive groves, almond trees, citrus trees and a small vineyard cultivated according to biodynamic principles.
Respect for ingredients, sustainability, valorization of the territory and its biodiversity are the principles of this gastronomic experience together with the joy to “restore”.

VIVA (W) VILLADORATA Country (House) restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, “aperitivo” and dinner to the hotel residents and for the first time to a lucky few non-resident with a tasting menu.
will be open for the first time also for non-resident, for a maximum of four tables every evening with a tasting menu only.
Locally produced ingredients (and some are literally km “0”) are at the center of the menu together with some of the chef’s classic dishes. Furthermore, in addition to freshly produced vegetables, tomatoes and aromatic herbs, ancient grains flours, expect delectable smoked, heavenly baked and healthfully barbecued/grilled dishes with olive oil and lemon, characteristic of Viviana Varese’s cuisine.
In addition to vegetables, tomatoes and aromatic herbs, the protagonists are ancient grain flours, smoked products, fire, oven, oil and lemon, characteristic of Viviana Varese’s cuisine and her roots.
Wine list is mainly Sicilian, but not exclusively as to give space for bubbles, classics and recent biodynamic wines but also craft beers and Marsala wine.
Cocktail list is a blend of spirits and perfumes with a strong reference to the island.
The special event of FUOCO (fire) is on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

W VILLADORATA Country Restaurant: booking


Opening June 1st 2021

18.00 > 24.00
12.00 > 15.00 – 18.00 > 24.00


For booking: +393428163083

Mail: vivarestaurant@villadorata.it

W VILLADORATA Country Restaurant
Contrada Portelle, Noto SR