VIVA il vino!

With care, with attention, with passion. At VIVA Viviana Varese that’s how we choose the wines for our cellar. The wine list is overflowing, 800 labels. A cellar that is remarkable for its depth and the research that goes into selecting producers and vintages. The former, chosen for their care of the land and attention paid to sustainability; the latter, carefully chosen based on character and richness. 

A trip through national and European vineyards and wineries that grows richer every day, also thanks to the collaboration with Andrea Farinetti, constantly on the lookout for unique and personalised Italian labels. Obviously we cannot overlook wines from beyond our borders, with a particular eye for Burgundy and Champagne.

The pride and joy of the VIVA Viviana Varese cellar? Its unique collection of Marsala wines, one of the most elegant and complex fortified wines in the world, maybe the only wine that can truly tell the story of the many facets and the poetry of our nation. The most sought after vintages, the rarest labels, including Florio, Martinez, Pellegrino and De Bartoli, who has created an exclusive personalised label dedicated to VIVA Viviana Varese. For serving, a small barrique, that keeps the Marsala in a constantly active evolution so as to be able to always enjoy it at its best.

VIVA Viviana Varese is excellence!