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In 1996, she is waiter at El Jardín, one of the restaurants run by her family. She attends the Escola of Hosteleria in the Balearic Islands and takes her first steps with some of the most important chefs in the last years, e.g.: Hilario Arbelaitz (Zuberoa), Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz ), Manolo de la Osa (Las Rejas), Willy Dufresne, Julian Serrano (Picasso), l’Arzak o il Coussau del Landis Post Relais.

In 2003, she is a chef already. In 2012, she is awarded with the first Michelin star: it is the first time – and for the moment the unique case – that this award is conferred on a woman chef in Majorca. In 2013, she gains the first sun of Repsol guide. However, now the suns are three! In 2015, she is among the ten best young Spanish chefs; in 2016, 31 million viewers follow her participation in Masterchef and Traveler includes her among the most influent Spanish women in the world of gastronomy.

Meditative chef, she is particularly passionate of the refined and loved products of her island of origin. She dares in designing her creations; she is inventive in the art of plating and original as for finding harmony. Her contemporary cuisine shows a strong personality and tastes are round, while – local and seasonal – products are processed with creative originality and delicate grace. The result is a cuisine speaking of an outer world, of a land of costumes and a traditional culinary taste.

From Alcúdia to Milan, the VIVA brigade is ready to be guided by Maca De Castro. For an incredible dinner experience. It’s INCredible VIVA!

© Nando Esteva
© Nando Esteva
© Nando Esteva
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Bean leaf with sea cucumber

Spring squilla mantis

Cauliflower, praline acorn and truffle

Artichoke with saffron duck yolk

Quail filled with eel


Dessert and mini pastries by VIVA

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