SUNDAY 07th JUN 20, 8.00PM


LEONOR ESPINOSA DE LA OSSA is an economistplastic artist and headchef of the restaurants LEO and MISIA In Bogotá, Colombia. 

In 2008, her vocation for gastronomic research, led her to materialize her social incursions through the Leo Espinosa Foundation FUNLEO who is directed by her daughter, Development expert and sommelier, Laura Hernández-Espinosa.

Currently, Leonor directs the kitchen of her restaurants. In LEO, she supports her proposal in the periodic study of the promising biological species of different Colombian biomes and ecosystems to be used in the culinary and in the current pairing. On the other hand, at MISIA, she promotes the flavors of Colombian cuisine, being faithful to the ancestral culinary traditions. Paying homage to the food of her childhood and to the food offered in the piqueteaderos and popular country refreshments.

Currently, LEO is the 8th best restaurant on the LATIN AMERICA’S 50 BEST RESTAURANTS 2019 LIST, which also give her the award for best female chef in Latin America in 2017.

Another of her great recognitions in 2017 was the Basque Culinary World Prize 2017, an award created by the Basque Culinary Center and the Basque Government, to recognize the work of chefs from around the world who have a professional career in cooking and who demonstrate that the Gastronomy can be a transforming force.

Leonor was chosen as winner among 110 postulates by gastronomic authorities of the world.

In 2018 she was recognized by THE WORLD’S 50 BEST RESTAURANTS as the first Colombian restaurant to enter the list of the best in the world (49th best restaurant on the WORLD 50 BEST RESTAURANT LIST 2019).

Nowadays she is the most renowned chef in Colombia.

Leo has several publications, including LEO EL SABOR, a book where she writes stories of the ancestral stoves and displays a modern vision through her experience in seven ethnic communities. 

Her new book “Lo que cuenta el Caldero” is a compilation of chronicles about the events and daily life of Colombian cuisine. Moreover she writes for the newspaper El Espectador.

On Sunday 7th June Leonor Espinosa arrives ad VIVA’s kitchen will be filled with the fragrances of Colombia. With its incredible energy, it will surely be an INCREDIBLE VIVA evening!

© Fernando Olaya
© Fernando Olaya
© Fernando Olaya


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