SUNDAY 07th JUN 2020


The economy and the fine arts, marketing and communication. Then, in 1998, his passion for art moved on to the kitchen. This is the beginning of a path of research, learning the techniques and the knowledge of the traditional ingredients of her country, Colombia. It is 2007 when she begins to use food as a mean of expression of her creativity, first inside the restaurant “Claroscuro”, then in her first restaurant, Leo cocina y Cava. Many of the ingredients she uses are unknown in popular cuisine, even though they are part of Colombia’s traditional food. These are elements that belong to indigenous communities and it is how the eight regions of Colombia blend in authentic flavours with an totally contemporary style.

In 2008 The New York Times defines her creations delicious and recognizable. Traveller Guide counts her Restaurant among the 82 best in the world and – in 2010 – her restaurant is named among the world best 105 gastronomic experience by National Geographic Traveler. In 2017 she was recognized best female chef by Latin American’s 50 Best Restaurants. The kitchen is always accompanied by attention to the territory and tradition, up to the creation of FUNLEO foundation, born to support rural and indigenous communities, helping them to develop and trade their traditional products in a fair and sustainable way. Because cooking is about people and their stories, not to be forgotten.

On Sunday 7th June Leonor Espinosa arrives and VIVA’s kitchen will be filled with the fragrances of Colombia. With its incredible energy, it will surely be an INCREDIBLE VIVA evening!


soon to be revealed