SUNDAY 26th JAN 20, 8.00PM


Renegade, Genius of french Gastronomy and almost anarchist; that’s what they say about him. Last of five brothers, Basque-French family and punk rock lover. Bordeaux is close to home, he approaches the wine world but it felt tight. At the age of 27 – after a thousand jobs, including the stonemason – he leaves for Tel Aviv and becomes a kitchen porter. Then he becomes chef in a blink of an eye. Back in Paris, he works with Gilles Choukroun but craves to discover and explore new horizons: Mexico, Brazil, Spain. From 2003 he spends 3 years in Montmartre, at the restaurant La Famille, where he works very hard; then in April 2006, the big jump: the Chateaubriand, all alone.

The ambience is a memory of the 30’s, the cuisine is bold and the flavours immediate and risky but never outside the lines. In 2011 he opens ‘’Dauphin’’, contemporary design but traditional dishes. Many people said Michelin Guide would never reward him, because extremely unpredictable and wild. However, in 2018 the star arrives, thanks to its style made of instinct, direct, almost sharp and always source of inspiration.

Sunday 26th January Iñaki Aizpitarte brings his punk soul into our kitchen. It will be an incredible evening. It will be an INCREDIBLE VIVA dinner!

All photos by Per-Andersen Jorgensen for Cook_inc.


Parmigiano Reggiano cheese gougére

Ceviche, beans and ivy

Croqueta de choco
cuttlefish croquette cooked in its ink

Prawn, sea urchin, trout roe with chicken liver souce, pickled carrots

Raw scallops, intense broth made with chicken, white grapefruit juice, yellow potatoes and Meyer lemon

Steamed turbot, black truffle and fermented beetroot, bay leaf

Beef, red radish confit, bitter salads with anchoise-garrigue vinagrette

Tocino del cielo

Mini pastries by VIVA Viviana Varese

wines and beverages are not included
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