Gifts, VIVA Viviana Varese Milano!

It’s easy to say “tell me the best gift idea ever”.
Socks? Nah! A scarf? Already done last year.
What about a book? The problem is to find the right one.
However, don’t think about pajamas, we are looking at you!

Do you need a really good idea?
Give a lunch, a dinner or a tasting experience by VIVA Viviana Varese.

For your grandmother that keeps on asking you if you had something for lunch.
For your mother that constantly says you cannot cook.
For the friend that looks at your sandwich with a tinge of envy.
For the colleague that asks what you are having.
For you, since you deserve it!

Buy your gift card, valid for one year, available on the second floor of Eataly Smeraldo too, from Monday to Saturday, 10.30-12.30 and 18.30-19.30.

VIVA Viviana Varese, the beautiful gifts!